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Fair Elections Cook County

We can shift power back to the people of Cook County with small donor programs!

Cook County, IL

Fair Election Prince George’s County (MD)

It's time to amplify the voices of everyday citizens and reduce the influence of large donors!

Prince George's County, MD

Oregon Small Donor

Our government works best when everyone has an equal voice in solving our state’s challenges, and an equal chance to run for office to serve their community.


Don’t Mess With Our Vote

Every eligible voter should be on the voter rolls.
Voting Rights

DC Fair Elections

Reclaiming our Democracy in the District of Columbia

Washington, DC

Floridians for Fair Democracy

Americans believe in second chances. We need to make sure that Florida Law does too.


Clean Missouri Initiative

We need a state government that is open and accountable to the people - not beholden to special interests.


Mobilization Calendar

Daily Actions

Every day is an opportunity to engage in democracy. Call your senator, attend a town hall, register someone to vote--there are endless ways to get involved and have your voice heard. Follow our Daily Action tips for more ideas on how you can engage as a citizen.