The Field Guide to the Democracy Movement connects people—even across political lines—to create real solutions to our democracy’s crisis. After all, American democracy is built on the promise that everyday people have a voice. We may disagree on certain issues, but we can all agree that our elected leaders should be accountable to the people, not corporate or wealthy interests. Together, we can ensure that our elected leaders deliver on the promise of a democracy for all by expanding voting access, removing the influence of big money, and creating fair representation at all levels of government.

The reform solutions in the new Field Guide show that democracy is a lived experience that impacts our schools, our families, our jobs, and our communities. Our goal is to spur action to demand elected leaders listen to the people so all communities are safe from violence, all families have access to healthcare and safe drinking water, all workers are respected and paid a decent wage, and the natural world is protected for future generations. As Daring Democracy proclaims, democracy is not simply a choice. “To fulfill every public need and to advance every public good, democracy is essential.”

And, the great news? The many bold actions and campaigns featured on this site reveal a Democracy Movement already underway for such an accountable 21st century democracy—perhaps the first movement of its kind in our nation’s history. Together, we can make this Field Guide an ever-more energizing “commons”—an interactive hub that spurs, feeds, and fortifies a movement in which each of us contributes our unique talents, energy, knowledge, and experience to the broader effort for democracy.

We are excited that you are here to bring to life your commitment to democracy through action!

In Peace and Solidarity,

Wendy Fields, Executive Director, Democracy Initiative, representing 63 organizations with 30 million members

Frances Moore Lappé, co-author Daring Democracy, co-founder, Small Planet Institute