People Govern, Not Money


Help place this citizens' initiative on Massachusetts' statewide ballot in 2018.
Give voters the opportunity to declare how they feel about corporations, unions and other artificial entities spending unlimited amounts of money to influence the outcomes of our elections.

Placing an question on the Massachusetts ballot is no small task. It requires 900+ volunteers to gather the signatures of 90,000 Massachusetts voters before the question may proceed. It will not happen by itself. We need your help to stand up for what’s right. Let’s work together to make Massachusetts the next state to call for the 28th Amendment.

If you'd like to help us collect signatures, or volunteer in some other capacity, fill out the form below. One of our organizers will be in touch with you.

Volunteer efforts are the backbone of our campaign to overturn Citizens United. This effort will succeed only because volunteers like you organized and persisted.

Massachusetts (MA)


Point Person:
Ben Gubits