Fair Districts = Fair Elections


The Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio campaign is committed to ending the hyperpartisan way in which congressional districts are manipulated by the political party in power. When in power, politicians from both major political parties have drawn the district lines to favor their own political party and created uncompetitive "safe seats" for members of Congress.

Our proposed constitutional initiative would transfer authority for drawing congressional district lines from the legislature to the bipartisan Ohio Redistricting Commission, and would allow any Ohio Citizen to propose a plan. Any plan must have bipartisan support to be adopted, and must strictly follow a series of good-government criteria.

Our initiative would reform congressional redistricting as Issue 1 (passed by 71.5 percent of Ohio's voters in 2015) eliminated the gerrymandering of state legislative districts.

Ohio (OH)


Point Person:
Catherine Turcer & Camille Wimbish